Tori Tango

14.02.2019 19:00

A Valentine's concert that unites exceptional music, sensual poetry and passionate dance.

You are invited to a wonderful evening in Linhart Hall. The Tori Tango concert is a mixture of romantic poetry interpreted by Jure Longyka, sung by the Argentinian singer Gabriela Alarcón, and sensual dance performed by Alja Ferme and Saša Živanovića.


Jure Tori is an exceptional musician who creates top music projects with his accordion. Tori Tango is his first self-penned Slovenian tango from his new album 'For One Touch'. Tori describes it thus: “Tango is a contact, an internal movement from me to you and back. Tango is blending with you. With creation, darkness and silence. Tango is here and now. Tango is in each of us. And ever more so, when it is embraced with dance moves, romantic poetry and music.”


The cast of Tori Tango:

  • Gabriela Alarcón - vocals
  • Jure Tori – accordion
  • Kurt Bauer – violin
  • Matjaž Stošić – guitar
  • Ewald Oberleitner – contrabass

Ticket price: 14 € (16 € on the day of the concert)

Reservations and purchase of tickets: Linhart Hall, Radovljica, T: 04 537 29 00



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