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Thursdays in the Square: Ana Soklic concert, Taste Radol'ca and artisan market

11.07.2024 19:30

Live music, street food and artisan market. 

Every Thursday in July, you are invited to Radovljica’s Linhart Square to enjoy free open-air concerts performed by well-known Slovenian and international musicians. The otherwise calm old town centre of Radovljica is transformed into a lively gathering with good music and a pleasant atmosphere. Each concert is accompanied by Taste Radol'ca restaurants, whose talented chefs offer street food, refreshments and occasionally also desserts. 



Thursday, 11th July 2024, PROGRAMME:

3pm-8pm: handicraft fair

7.30pm: street food Taste Radol'ca
9:00pm: concert by Ana Soklic SLO (soul, pop-rock, jazz, blues)


See you on Linhart square!

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