Guided tour on the occasion of International Tourist Guide Day

21.02.2019 11:00

A free guided tour of Radovljica's old town centre

To mark International Tourist Guide Day we invite you to join us on a guided tour of Radovjlica's old town centre. Accompanied by two local guides, Lea Petek and Mojca Taler, you will visit Linhart Square, the Radovljica Mansion, the Chapel of Edith Stein and the other attractions in Radovljica's old town centre.


Meeting place: in front of the Radovljica Tourist Information Centre, Linhartov trg 9


The guided tour is free and is intended for individual visitors and locals.

The guided tour will take place in Slovenian, English and Italian.


International Tourist Guide Day is celebrated on 21st February – the day when the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations was established. The aim of the day is the promotion of the work of tourist guides and that of their favourite destinations or local places. Throughout Slovenia guided tours are organised by local tourist guides who are members of the Association of Regional Tourist Guides of Slovenia.


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