Monika's Biodynamic Garden

Lovers of gardening and organic produce are invited to visit this biodynamic garden in the village of Vrbnje near Radovljica.

The biodynamic garden at the Brinšek farm in Vrbnje is notable for its family dedication to biodynamic farming. Monika Brinšek grows plants with respect for the living and in harmony with the rhythm of nature. By adopting this approach, the food produced is of the highest quality. The biodynamic farm is totally self-sufficient, as it produces food for the family as well as for animals (cows, calves, ducks, chickens) and also as many of its own seeds as possible. See how this works in practice and transfer one of Monika's many tips to your home garden.


You can visit the garden and enjoy an expert guided tour every Tuesday in July and August at 5pm.

You will learn the basics of biodynamic gardening, seed sowing and making preparations, and also have the chance to try the organic vegetables, pick herbs and make tea.

The guided tour lasts two hours, and prior registration is required at the Radovljica Tourist Information Centre.


Price: €35 per person

Bookings should be made at least two days in advance by email to:

Maximum group size: up to 6 people


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