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National Liberaton Struggle Memorials

Numerous memorials and burial grounds of hostages and partisans, reminders of the second world war.

The majority of the plaques and memorials to victims of the National Liberation Struggle date from the second half of the 1950s. They were erected in places of partisan battles and where hostages were killed. In Gorenjska the largest number of hostages came from the Begunje prison in Katzenstein Mansion.


The most notable memorials and burial grounds:
  • In the garden of Katzenstein Mansion, the burial ground of executed hostages (Begunje na Gorenjskem)
  • The burial ground of hostages in the Draga valley
  • The monument in the shape of a blast furnace in Kamna Gorica
  • The wrought iron monument in Kropa
  • The grave of Stane Gregorčič and his comrades-in-arms in Radovljica's park
  • The burial ground of fighters of the National Liberation Struggle, and the central memorial to locals who were killed in the struggle for freedom in Brezje
  • The memorial to the founding of Cankar's Batallion on the Vodiška planina mountain pasture on the Jelovica plateau
  • The obelisk made from chains in Lesce
  • The grave of Stane Žagar and his comrades-in-arms in Srednja Dobrava

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