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Bellyak on the Sava river


A new adrenaline-filled activity for all ages. Lying face-down on a board you will use your arms to row down river.

The forces of water in the mountainous world have carved out troughs and narrow canyons carved into rocks. You can get first-hand experience of these on a canyoning adventure. Descending down natural slides and jumping into river pools is an ideal challenge for lovers of adrenaline seeking an energy-charged activity.


Bellyak is a new combination of hydrospeed and kayaking. The basic position involves lying face-down on a board head-first, and, instead of oars, using you hands to paddle down river.


Duration: approximately 3 hours, depending on the water levels

Timetable: 1 May to 30 October: daily, time by prior arrangement

Minimum number of participants: 2



T: +386 (0)51 399 164

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