Ceramic Radovljica

26.09.2018 11:44

NEW - Now you can take home your own favourite house from Linhart Square.

The Radovljica ceramicist Urban Magušar, in co-operation with the owners of the houses in Linhart Square, the Municipality of Radovljica, and the Radovljica Tourist Information Centre, has created miniature ceramic houses. These are not just any houses but three-dimensional copies of selected houses in Linhart Square.


The houses are copies of the buildings in Radovljica's old town centre. The smallest of the houses measures just 5x6cm, while the biggest, the Radovljica Mansion, measures 27x7cm. Joined in a row they represent the entire picturesque old town centre, while individual houses can also be bought as a unique souvenir of a visit to Radovljica, or perhaps a particular house or building where tourists spent a great holiday or had an excellent culinary experience.


Twelve buildings were included in the project, which was co-funded by the owners of the houses. During the development phase, Urban Magušar thoroughly studied each building, reviewed archive material, and, in co-operation with the house owners, prepared prototypes. As each house is a story in itself, all the ceramic houses will continue to be entirely handmade.


The entire range of houses is available at the Radovljica Tourist Information Centre, while individual houses can also be bought from the owners of the houses themselves. The price varies according to the size of the houses, with prices starting from €18.90.


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