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Chocolate and Radol'ca

Why is the chocolate festival held in Radovljica?


Radovljica is synonymous with chocolate, it is home to the largest Slovenian chocolate factory as well as small family chocolatiers that produce handmade chocolates and truffles.


In 1922 the Trieste-Slovene Adolf Zavrtanik, from Solkan, founded a family chocolate producing company. His principle was high quality, which he ensured by using the best raw ingredients. Following World War II the factory was nationalised by the then authorities and in 1948 the Gorenjka Factory of Chocolate was founded. Ten years later the factory was renamed Gorenjka, Factory of Chocolate Lesce, and this was the beginning of the trademark Gorenjka. Today, Gorenjka is best known for its trademark chocolate with whole hazelnuts.


Despite now being under foreign ownership, Gorenjka still produces its chocolate in Lesce, however, it is not the only chocolate producer in Radol'ca. In the village of Lipnica, near Kropa, the family-run Molinet House of Chocolate produces many different kinds of chocolate, whilst in the village of Ljubno the Martisan Chocolatier is becoming increasingly popular for its handmade chocolates and chocolate biscuits.


Products from the Molinet House of Chocolate and the Martisan Chocolatier are available to buy in the Radovljica Tourist Information Centre. The Molinet House of Chocolate also produces the Radovljica 'Choco-o-bee' chocolates in three flavours as well as the 'Chocolate Heart' chocolates.


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