An interactive journey through Radovljica

Set off on an experience through the town of Radovljica. You will be 'joined' by Anton Tomaž Linhart, whilst along the way you will encounter fun tasks and virtual surprises.

By using a smartphone and virtual animation, a visit to Radovljica is a different experience. This app, created by the Radovljica Municipal Museum, offers an interactive walk through the town centre of Radovljica. Grab your phone, download the app and set off to discover Radovljica.


It is recommended that you begin your journey in the old town centre and then follow the instructions that will lead you past sights of interest along the main road and to scenic viewpoints.

Anton Tomaž Linhart will 'guide' you through the town and explain its history, and you can have your photo taken with him too. There are various tasks awaiting you at each of the 10 designated points along the way. The app provides fun for all the family and is available in Slovene and English.


The interactive guide through Radovljica is free of charge and is available through the diStory and Nexto Guides apps. The diStory application was created specifically for this project, whilst the Nexto Guides app offers guides for numerous cultural and historical attractions. Both applications are available free in Android and iPhone mobile stores.


Download the diStory app to your phone and visit Radovljica:

Google PlaydiStory App


Download the Nexto Guides app to your phone and visit Radovljica:

Aplikacija Nexto Aplikacija Nexto




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The Municipal Museum, Radovljica
Anton Tomaž Linhart (1756–1795)

Find out why the 18th century was a breakthrough year for the development of Slovenianism and Slovenian theatre.

One of the most beautiful town centres in Slovenia

The heart and soul of Radovljica is Linhart Square which inspires with the variety and authenticity of its preserved architecture.

The Monument to Anton Tomaž Linhart in Radovljica
The pioneer of Slovenian theatre

The memorial to the first Slovenian playwright, Anton Tomaž Linhart, is the work of a local sculptor.


Coming Soon


23.06.2019 18:00
Kamen Castle, Begunje

A celebration of Midsummer's Eve and Statehood Day in the embrace of the ruins of Kamen Castle in Begunje na Gorenjskem.

04.07.2019 20:00
Every Thursday in July, Linhartov trg, Radovljicca

Summer evenings are perfect for concerts and local street food.

06.07.2019 14:00
A meeting of Slovenians living abroad

An annual meeting of Slovenians living abroad.


News & Blog


With reference chart!

Written by Rebecca Svetina, March 2019


Where do these kids get their energy?! When your kids need to burn off some steam, but you need a bench or coffee, check out one of these public playgrounds in and around Radovljica and Bled. Each has its own perks.

05.05.2019 12:31

The Museum of Apiculture in Radovljica, the biggest museum of beekeeping in Slovenia, has been preserving the most precious heritage of Slovenian apiculture for 60 years.

06.05.2019 12:33
Follow a 'bee' through Radovljica

Radovljica is richer for a new adventure for families. The themed adventure, named 'Follow a 'bee' through Radovljica', has been designed to acquaint visitors with the life of bees in a fun way will be available from 24th May onwards.

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