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Let's go to the Radol'ca market!

01.03.2022 15:20

Saturday mornings are a great time to visit Radovjlica's the old town centre. The Radol'ca market, which takes place on the first Saturday in the month in the square in front of St. Peter's church, is an additional reason to visit.

by: Špelina Shramba

When chef Uroš Štefelin and his team from Vila Podvin in Mošnje moved to Radovljica at the end of 2021, they also bought with them to Radovljica's picturesque old town the monthly farmers, craft and antiques market. While in contrast to Vila Podvin, Hiša Linhart doesn't have a spacious garden, in front of it, it does have wonderful Linhart Square, which is one of the most beautifully preserved medieval squares in Slovenia.



Let's recall…in 2013, Uroš Štefelin – with the help of his versatile working partner Marcela Klofutar – set up Podvin Market, which took place thereafter on the first Saturday of the month in Vila Podvin. The idea was simple: to offer visitors to the market local ingredients, from which Uroš then created unique dishes at Vila Podvin restaurant. Connectivity is one of most recognisable characteristics of chef Uroš's creativity, whose work has also been acknowledged by strict culinary critics of the Michelin Guide.


The Radol'ca market, which features local suppliers, handicraft products and antiques, takes place between the gothic St. Peter's church and the magnificent Radovljica Manor. It's the ideal place for those who appreciate shopping in a pleasant atmosphere and excellent local products. The market takes place on the first Saturday of every month from 10am to 12noon.


There are plenty of goods and goodies to be found at the Radol'ca market, among them stalls selling handicraft products from the Gorenjska region, mainly from the Radovljica area. The market doesn't always feature the same stallholders, but you can find out more about the most significant among them here. At the February market, visitors admired the beautiful products made by Mateja Legat and Marko Milenkovič from the 6th Sense Art art workshop, which offers modern ceramic and clay products. The neighbouring stall featured the work of Andreja Škulj, who has had a pottery workshop in Kranj for many years. Her cups and potica moulds, as well as other items for the home, are made with great precision, sincerity and from the heart. It is a pleasure to be able to take time for a chat with the craftspeople, and even more so when later the very same day, you can admire their products in your home. In addition to ceramicware, there are stalls featuring fashion accessories.


The Radovljica flea market, which previously took place every first Sunday of the month in Linhart Square, has now merged with the Radol'ca market. Therefore, during your visit, you can also choose from the various antique items.

Among the stallholders who haven't missed a single Podvin/Radol'ca market is the farmer Franc Gogala from the Pr'Mrkot Farm in Dvorska vas. He is also one of the permanent suppliers of Taste Radol'ca restaurants. “Well, there was only one time when I wasn't at the Podvin Market,” says the striking farmer with a wide smile. And why not? “Problems with my cash register,” he explains, still smiling. Franc Gogala, whose products make him a close colleague of chef Uroš Štefelin, brings numerous types of homegrown and homemade products to the market: flour, semolina, homemade cordials, pickles and jams, among which there is one really special jam – plum with a hint of ginger. Gogala is particularly proud of this jam, as he is of his red flint corn semolina.



The Šlibar Farm and Garden Centre also hails from Dvorska vas. At the Radol'ca market, the Šlibar Farm offers home produced meat products, eggs and flowers. The Darja Organic Farm from Mošnje offers a range of flour, cereals and products made from hemp from the Globoko Mill in the neighbouring village of Globoko. The latter offers a range of baked goods and homemade pasta.


Because in Radol'ca we like to connect and cooperate with producers from other municipalities within the Gorenjska region, as well as further afield, producers from other parts of Slovenia also sell their wares at the Radol'ca market. Mateja Reš from Gorje is one such example, who tends her Garden of Tastes in Zgornje Gorje. Her colourful stall features homemade teas, pickles, cordials, jams as well as some productd baked using yeast and with love.



You will also find the Žirovnica-based Carniola microbrewery at the market, while from time to time, vintners and oil sellers from other Slovenian regions also have stalls at the market.


local craft bear in Radovljica


A particular attraction of the Radol'ca market is that local suppliers are also joined by local restaurateurs from Taste Radol'ca restaurants. Each of them showcases some of their food at the market. During the pandemic when the restaurant was closed, the owner of Gostišče Tulipan began baking bread in a clay oven. It proved to be so popular, it is now for sale at the market too. By the way, take a look at this video to see how it's made! Hiša Linhart showcases its Carniolan sausage with tepka pears, tepka pears covered in chocolate, and juice made from this old type of Gorenjska pear. The juice is made at the nearby Vipi drinks manufacturer. Gostišče Draga, meanwhile, took advantage of the enforced period of closure due to the pandemic to develop its own range of dishes in jars. At the market you can choose from a wide range of soups and stews, which make an ideal meal when time is short.


Local goods on Radol'ca Market, Draga Inn


You will undoubtedly find everything you need at the market for your Saturday lunch or dinner, or why not take even greater advantage of your visit to Radovljica by having lunch at one of Radovljica's restaurants, in which case you could save the goodies you buy at the market for Sunday, or even Monday! If you're interested in a recipe for lunch or dinner using ingredients bought at the Radol'ca market, you can find it in Špela's larder.


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Linhart square, Radovljica

 Every first Saturday in the month from 10am to 12noon a farmers, craft and antiques market takes place in Linhart Square and the square in front of St. Peter's church.

One of the most beautiful town centres in Slovenia

The heart and soul of Radovljica is Linhart Square which inspires with the variety and authenticity of its preserved architecture.

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