Along the Traces of Ivan Vurnik and Helena Kottler Vurnik

12.06.2019 17:00

A tour, with an art historian, of Vurnik's birth house and his work in Radovljica. Guiding takes place in Slovenian language.

On the celebration of 'Vurnik's Days', which mark the birth date of the architect Ivan Vurnik (1st June 1884, Radovljica) we will set off on a guided tour through Radovljica. The tour, which will take place in the Slovenian language, will be guided by the art historian Gojko Zupan.


During the tour you will visit:

  • Vurnik's birth house, in which there is a memorial room. The tour will be conducted by Ivan Vurnik's granddaughter, who takes care of the legacy of Ivan and Helen Vurnik.
  • Vila Savnik, which stands at the entrance to Radovljica's medieval old town centre
  • Grajski dvor hotel
  • Obla gorica and the Radovljica swimming pool
  • The Vurnik and Vidic-Resman family tomb

The guided tour is free. Everyone welcome!

The tour begins in Radovljica in front of Vurnik's birth house, Partizanska pot 5, Radovljica (see map below).


Guided tours will also take place in Ljubljana and in Maribor on the anniversary of Vurnik's birth date.

  • Along the Traces of Ivan Vurnik and Helene Kottler Vurnik in Ljubljana, 15th June at 11am (led by custodian of the National Gallery Dr. Andrej Smrekar)
    the tour begins in front of Zadružna gospodarska banka (the Co-operative Bank) at Miklošičevi 8, Ljubljana
  • Along the Traces of Ivan Vurnik in Maribor, 12th June at 4pm (led by the art historian Dr. Marjeta Ciglenečki)
    the tour begins in front of the Sveto rešnjo telo church at Cesti zmage 29, Maribor

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The architect's legacy in his birth place

Alongside Jože Plečnik and Maks Fabian, Ivan Vurnik is considered a pioneer of modern Slovenian architecture and the founder of urbanist architecture in Slovenia. A number of his works can be seen in his birth town of Radovljica.

Special Menu in Vila Podvin

A menu has been created in memory of the architect Ivan Vurnik, which is a combination of his favourite dishes and contemporary Slovenian cuisine.

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