Like the Rolling Stones and street food

11.07.2019 20:00

Another interesting Thursday evening is in store in Linhart Square in Radovljica.

Experience real rock’n’roll nostalgia. ‘Like the Rolling Stones’ are not a typical tribute band. Genuine music and energy as well as a real sound of the 60s is more important to the band than their image or stage choreography. This is largely due to their blues roots, which they also share with their own role models.


Taste Radol'ca Restaurants will ensure delicious cuisine in the form of street food.

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02.07.2020 19:00
Every Thursday in July, Linhartov trg, Radovljicca

Summer evenings are perfect for concerts and local street food.

08.08.2019 20:00
Linhart square, Radovljica

Great concert with Maja Keuc, Amaya. 

One of the most beautiful town centres in Slovenia

The heart and soul of Radovljica is Linhart Square which inspires with the variety and authenticity of its preserved architecture.

Naziv vsebine

13.03.2020 10:52
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