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St. Anna Mine - former mercury mine

Every Friday from 15th June to 15th September 2023

Visit a former mercury mine near Tržič.

A local guide will lead you on a tour of discovery of the St. Anne's mine.


The tour includes visits to:

  • Guided Tour of St. Anne's Mine


FREE with Julian Alps Card: Radovljica and Julian Alps Card: Bled

Every Fridayat 10:00AM (between 15.6 and 15.9 2023)

Meeting point: near the former hotel Gora, Podljubelj 287a, Tržič




Near the hamlet of Lajb, a five-kilometre fully preserved cave system from the former mercury mine is hidden beneath the surface of the south-eastern slope of Begunjščica. Miners dug in steep open pits in seven horizons. of which five were interconnected by means of a 150-metre-long blind shaft. A local guide will tell you about the history of mining, contemporary life in the mine, and the origins of karst phenomena as you walk through a section of Anton’s Shaft in the fifth horizon.



For more information, please contact the tourist information centre in your area or the reception of your accommodation.

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