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Historical Jesenice

Every Thursday in July and August

During this trip to the town of steel and flowers you will discover interesting stories of Jesenice, the ironworks and its legendary hockey team.

A visit to Jesenice will surprise you, as it is not only a town of steel and hockey, but also home to the beautiful Stara Sava museum area, the thousands upon thousands of daffodils that bloom on the mountains above the town in May, and the famous Šum waterfall that flows from Vintgar gorge. You will visit the latter at the end of this trip.

The tour includes visits to:

  • Guided Tour of Town centre of Jesenice
  • Guided Tour of Stara Sava museum area
  • Visit to Šum waterfall
  • Guiding on the Bus
  • Organisation


You can also visit:

  • Museum of workers’ culture Jesenice


Daily Ticket: 25 €, children up to 10 years free.
FREE with Julian Alps Card: Radovljica and Julian Alps Card: Bled






Thursdays trip will initially have an urban feel. On your way to Jesenice, you will hear interesting facts about Upper Sava Valley and the way of life in the past as well as today. While the city’s soul is big, distances between city sights are short, so you will visit them on foot.


A local guide will take you to three prominent spots in Jesenice, namely the Statue of the Ironworker, Administrative Unit of Jesenice and Jesenice municipal building – the latter two fascinate with their architecture and history. Then you will visit the Stara Sava Museum Area, which is one of the best-preserved iron foundry settlements in Europe. All who are eager to learn more can also visit the Museum of Workers’ Culture. Just a stone’s throw away is the famous Herman bridge. By crossing it, you will arrive in Kurja vas, the birthplace of Slovenian hockey. Then you will go through the underpass, spruced up by local hockey fans, past the Ejga Guesthouse, where Alenka Dovžan and Edvin Karahodžić co-create their culinary story. The path will lead you past the train station to the social centre of Jesenice – Čufar square – which is surrounded by numerous prominent buildings. Then you will stroll through the cooling shade of a chestnut avenue back to the starting point, where a bus will be waiting to take you to Blejska Dobrava. Starting in the village centre, you will walk to the tallest river waterfall called Šum, which is formed by the Radovna River at the end of the Vintgar Gorge

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