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Altgutenberg Castle and the mystery of the cursed lady of the castle

Every Thursday.  At the foot of Dobrča, high on the mountain side, stand the ruins of Altgutenberg Castle. Visit the castle and look for the haunted castle lady.


Come visit the ruins of Altgutenberg Castle - one of the most important fortresses of Tržič in the Middle Ages. Altgutenberg is one of the oldest castles in Slovenia. It is first mentioned in written records in 1156. The castle was not rebuilt after the 1511 earthquake. From the castle ruins there are also alluring views of the Dobrča and Kriška gora and surrounding of Tržič. To reach the castle ruins, it is first necessary to ascend a short, steep forest path.  Local guide will tell you about the everyday life of the people of the castle and how they tested their mettle in knightly tournaments. They also say that a beautiful castle daughter once lived in this castle. She was under a spell and turned into… Join us on a guided tour and we’ll reveal the folk tale mystery of the cursed lady of the castle. Perhaps you will be the one to save her.


FREE with Julian Alps Card: Radovljica and Julian Alps Card: Bled

Every Thursday at 5:00PM (between 15.6 and 15.9 2023)

Meeting point:  St. George’s Chapel below the Villa Bistrica (46.36075653669361, 14.288508717376354)





For more information, please contact the tourist information centre in your area or the reception of your accommodation.

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