Bee our guest Hop-On Hop-Off

Every Wednesday in July & August

Head into the world of the Carniolan grey bee, Gorenjska's beekeepers and delicious honey. Learn about traditional and contemporary Slovenian beekeeping.

What is Hop-On Hop-Off Bus?

Price of a daily bus ticket: €8

Children up to the age of 10: Free
FREE with Radovljica and Bled benefits card.


The price of the bus ticket does not include entrance fees to the museums and workshops. The tickets are purchased on the bus.




Sights of Interest Along the Way



The Ambrožič family will lead you into the world of the Carniolan bee and delicious honey.

  • Kralov med Beekeeping
    guided tour including honey tasting every Wednesday at 9.30am
    price: €5 per person



A modern beekeeping centre with a well-stocked shop selling honey and beekeeping products.

  • The Beekeeping Education Centre of Gorenjska
    guided tours of the centre every Wednesday at 10.00am, 12noon and 2.30pm
    price: €4 per person
  • Bee Shop


A look into the history of Slovenian beekeeping

  • The Museum of Apiculture
    visits to the museum on Wednesdays from 2pm to 4pm include a workshop where you can make a candle from beeswax, entrance fee €4
  • Follow a bee through Radovljica: family adventure; €8 per family
  • The Lectar Gingerbread Museum and Workshop, entrance fee €2
  • Old town center of Radovljica, Šivec House Art Gallery, St. Peter's Church


The cradle of Slovenian beekeeping

  • Anton Janša Memorial Apiary in Breznica
    1-hour free guided tour of historical apiary, including a walk through the village every Wednesday at 12.20
  • Bee Paradise Noč
    guided tour every Wednesday at 13.20; entrance €2, honey products tasting €4
  • Walking tips: St. Lawrence Church view point (1 hr 30 min)

A picturesque village surrounded by meadows and mountains

  • Čop's Birth House: museum, archaeological museum room Ajdna, information point: entrance fee €3
  • Walking tips:  Vodostan- Završnica Valley (1 hr 30 min), Žirovnica Cultural Heritage path (3 hr)

Hidden valley in the embrace of forests with recreational park

  • Every Wednesday at 10.25: free guided hiking tour to Ajdna
  • Završnica Recreational Park (information point Zavrh Bar)
  • Hiking tips: Titova vas (2 hours), Hudič babo pere Waterfall (1 hour), Tukish Cave (1 hour 15 min), Valvasorjev dom Mountain hut (2 hours 15 min), Ajdna (3 hours), Dom pri izviru Završnice Mountain hut (4 hours 30 min,) Mt. Stol (7 hours 30 min)


Hop-On Hop-Off Timetable 2019: Wednesday

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The tradition of Slovenian beekeeping

Take off into the world of the Carniolan grey bee, learn about the history of beekeeping in Slovenia, and admire the diverse painted beehive panels.

A visit to the centre's apiary
Modern beekeeping and the well-stocked Beeshop

Visit the Beekeeping Education Centre of Gorenjska where you will found out about modern beekeeping and enter the secret world of bees.

Lectar Workshop and Museum, Radovljica
Podnaslov A workshop of traditional Slovenian crafts

A workshop and museum, full of delicious smells of honeybread, and where every day decorative honeybread products are made.

A new exhibition, guided trips, and honey souvenirs

Radol'ca joins in the celebrations for the first World Bee Day with events and new souvenirs.

A fun, creative and educational family adventure

Set off as a family on an adventure accompanied by a cute 'bee' who will explain where she lives, what her chores are, and where she goes to gather nectar. Visit the Museum of Apiculture and see her treasures, and, as a reward, savour the taste of sweet honeybreads.

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