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Iron Forging Festival 2015

Saturday, 8 July 2017 at 9:00
The Iron Forging Festival is a festival celebrated by Kropa’s blacksmiths and is well worth a visit. Join the locals at the celebrations, watch live demonstrations of the manual forging of spikes, modern-art creations from iron, and charcoal pile burning; help yourself and sample some typical blacksmith’s dishes.

The Iron Forging Festival takes place every year during the first weekend of July. Over three days, from Friday to Sunday, a series of cultural, sports and entertainment events take place, the liveliest day being Saturday when demonstrations of the former work and recreations of life in this cradle of iron-forging are on display at a range of venues throughout Kropa.
  • live demonstrations of manual forging of spikes
  • modern decorative art from iron
  • charcoal pile burning
  • market
  • typical blacksmiths dishes
  • free entrance to the museums


Kropa Tourist Society, T: + 386 4183 9951, E: td.kropa@gmail.com

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