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The Sava River Trail

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This pleasant, interactive walking path runs alongside the Sava River and its rich diversity. The path leads from the Fux footbridge to the wetlands at the Šobec camp and it can also be combined with other walking paths to make a circular route.

Following the path along the river banks offers walkers an opportunity to get up close to the longest river in Slovenia right at its confluence of the Sava Dolinka and the Sava Bohinjka. Walking along tracks and old fishing paths, you will meet and get to know the banks of the Sava river, its fish, and the geological and geographical characteristics of the area.

The thematic path can also be combined with a visit to the Lipnica Castle Natural Science Trail by following one of the existing walking trails.

Start and End Point: Fux Footbridge (Fuxova brv) or the Šobec Camp
Level of Difficulty: Undemanding walking path
Markings: Directional arrows and informative boards
Custodians of the Path: Radovljica Fishing Family

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