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Church of St Florian in Studenčice

The succursal church in Studenčice features one of the earliest wall paintings in Slovenia, an example of early-fourteenth century artistry. Among the paintings on display, the portrayal of the town of Radovljica and its Predtrg district, ablaze in the fire of 1761, stands out in particular.
The church in the agrarian village of Studenčice on the Radovljica Plain was initially dedicated to St Rupert. First mentioned in 1436, it was dedicated to St Florian, the patron saint of fire fighters and the saint prayed to for protection from fire, in the seventeenth century.

The church was built in the Romanesque style. In the seventeenth century, its nave was covered with a Renaissance vaulted ceiling, a portal made from Peračica Quarry green tuff was incorporated, and a porch with a wooden ceiling was annexed to the church.

The church's exterior features a portrayal of St Christopher dating back to around 1400.

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