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Municipal Museum of Radovljica

The eighteenth century was an exciting era which encompassed great change in Europe. The territory of the present day Gorenjska region constituted a part of Carniola within the auspices of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. One of the most visible personalities was Radovljica native, Anton Tomaž Linhart, the father of Slovene theatre and scientific historiography. You can acquaint yourself with the ideas and fruits of the Age of Enlightenment in Slovenia at an exhibition on display at Radovljica Mansion.
Radovljica Municipality Museums
Linhartov trg 1, Radovljica
T: + 386 4532 0520
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W: www.mro.si
The exhibition entitled 'Anton Tomaž Linhart (1756–1795): Now I am thinking about how to become famous' presents a great deal of information in an easily digestible manner, which will help you to better comprehend the exciting Age of Enlightenment and the rebellious spirit of Anton Tomaž Linhart, a historian, state official and the first Slovene dramatist. This permanent exhibition tells the story of the eighteenth century, an era of great intellectual, political and social change.

The exhibition is presented in Slovene and English. Upon prior request, guided visits in Slovene and English can be arranged for organised groups.

The 'Radovljica: our old town in time’ exhibition presents the development of Radovljica's Old Town from the fourteenth to the nineteenth century, along with drawings of the town's urban spatial development. The exhibition is hung on panels and the texts provided are written in Slovene and English.

The 'Radovljica: our old town in time’ exhibition is displayed free of charge in a hall located on the first floor of Radovljica Mansion.
Opening hours
January, February
March, April, November and December
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday
10.00-12.00, 15.00-17.00
Price list
Children: 2.00 EUR
Adults: 3.00 EUR
Families: 7.00 EUR

Combined tickets for the Mucipial Museum of Radovljica and the Apiculture Museum:
Children: 3.00 EUR
Adults: 5.00 EUR
Families: 11.00 EUR

The 'Radovljica: our old town in time' exhibition is displayed free of charge in a hall located on the first floor of Radovljica Mansion.

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