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Museum - Live Gingerbread Workshop

In the cellar of Radovljica's Restaurant Lectar, prepare to succumb to the wonderful smell of original gingerbread (lect)hearts. The in-house gingerbread workshop serves as a live museum. You can observe the skilled staff produce little sweet surprises and presents, honouring age-old recipes and using antique tools.
Pension and restaurant Lectar
Linhartov trg 2, Radovljica
T: + 386 4537 4800
F: + 386 4537 4804
The house's first gingerbread workshop, as well as a mead and candle workshop, date back to 1766, while in 1822 the owners also opened a restaurant which acquired its name, 'Pri Lectarju', from the trade practised in the house. The gingerbread trade declined thereafter, but the restaurant and its name were retained.

Price list
Entry fee per person: 1.00 EUR
In 2006, the restaurant owners revived the gingerbread trade with a gingerbread workshop held in the vaulted cellar which serves as a live museum today. The workshop, equipped with antique tools, still makes original gingerbread hearts in a traditional manner and in keeping with age-old recipes. In the museum, you can watch the production of gingerbread hearts and other gingerbread products, which can also be purchased as a souvenir.
Opening hours
You can visit the workshop and listen to the explanations provided on the production and history of the trade during the restaurant’s opening hours, daily (except Tuesday) between 12.00 and 22.00.

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