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Midsummer's Eve Festival

Midsummer's Night, full of mystery and magical rites, comes to life in the ruins of Kamen Castle in Begunje. When gazing at the burning bonfire and the shadows it throws against the castle's ancient walls, the castle's legends, stories of witches, and fairy tales are revived.
Radol'ca celebrates the longest day of the year in the embrace of the mighty ruins of Begunje's Kamen Castle. On 23 June of each year, a midsummer night's dream is brought to life by the Midsummer's Eve Festival which isorganised here.

The celebrations begin in the afternoon with a series of children's activities. Demonstrations of crafts, customs, cuisine and music, as well as a varied cultural programme, act as a prelude to the lighting of a large bonfire at dusk. Kamen Castle, peaceful and quiet for most of the year, once again becomes the focus of festive cheer.

Midsummer's Night celebrations hark back to the pagan tradition of venerating the sun and fire by honouring the longest day and shortest night of the year, celebrated as one of the calendar's most important festivals. Since the advent of Christianity, 24 June has been associated with St John the Baptist.

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