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Once just a small village in the Gorenjska region, Lesce is today the capital of Slovene chocolate and skydiving. Observe the aeroplanes and skydivers in the air, play a round of golf on Bled Golf Course's King's Golf Course, or stroll by the picturesque Legat Farmhouse in the old village centre.
Today, the old village centre of Lesce is only a small part of the town. From a distance, it is marked by the tall tower of the Church of the Assumption of Mary, one of the region's earliest pilgrimage sites. Close to the church are former farmhouses, the owners of which were engaged in agriculture and trade.

The early-seventeenth-century Legat Farmhouse (Begunjska cesta 6) is a magnificent example of a country house, today housing tourist accommodation. Špan House (Begunjska cesta 2) is a fine example of rural architecture. The house represents the typical appearance of the wealthy farmers' residences of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. One corner of the house is also adorned with a small corner oriel.

The town of Lesce boasts Lesce-Bled Airport, Gorenjka chocolate factory, and, nearby, Camping Šobec with Lake Šobec, and Bled Golf Course – one of the most picturesque golf courses in Central Europe. From Lesce, a designated cycling lane and a walking trail lead to Bled and Lake Šobec respectively.

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