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Canticle of the Sun Museum

You will get better acquainted with the pilgrimage and spiritual story of Brezje in the museum of votive offerings and nativity scenes that lies adjacent to Brezje's basilica. The creativity captured in the votive offerings on display, such as gifts and pilgrims' personal messages and wishes, as well as the nativity scenes made from a variety of materials that originate from around the world can be seen in the museum.
Romarski urad Brezje
Brezje 72, Brezje
T: + 386 4537 0700
F: + 386 4537 0750
E: info@romar.si
Opening hours
During the period 2nd February to, it is anticipated, 5th December 2015 the museum will be closed due to renovation. Thank you for your understanding.
Price list
Voluntary donations.
The name Canticle of the Sun Museum derives from a religious song composed by Saint Francis of Assisi. The museum holds two complementary collections: the first, which comprises preserved votive offerings, testifies to Brezje's rich pilgrimage tradition, while the second collection testifies to the tradition and variety of the nativity scenes of Slovenia and the rest of the world.

The pilgrims' custom of leaving a personal message or offering in pilgrimage churches to supplement their prayers, supplications and thanksgiving is commonplace throughout the world. However, not many places take such good care of these offerings, and it is even less likely that you would find them presented at an exhibition. Through decades of pastoral work, the Franciscan order in Brezje have collected and preserved a collection of votive articles, pictures and records. These make up the first part of the exhibition.

The nativity exhibition depicting the story of the birth of Jesus is comprised of a number of small nativity scenes from around the world, as well as modern and traditional Slovene nativity scenes. Particular attention is devoted to Slovene corner nativity scenes, which people traditionally set in the corner beneath the cross and some holy pictures, usually at the dining table. Other nativity scenes captivate with their original selection of materials, designs and settings.

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