Radol'ca - Honestly Sweet
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Sample ‘homely’ Slovenia: this hidden subalpine jewel. Feel the warmth of the land where we live in symbiosis with nature and tradition, a fact borne out by our bees. They reward our love and the care of our beekeepers by providing us with tantalising nectar, which gives us the strength to be creative and the impetus for world-class achievements. But even though we like to fly, we remain modest and honestly sweet. Visit us and get to know Radovljica and its surroundings.
In 2015 Radol'ca celebrates 60 years since the Avsenik Brothers Ensemble issued the famous song 'Na Golici' (On Golica, Trompetenecho) which is regarded as one of the most performed instrumental tracks of all time and is known in many different forms. In August this year, to commemorate this occasion, the Avsenik Festival will host a special anniversary in the birth town of Slavko and Vilko Avsenik. Listen to the original song. More +
18 February 2015    |   Published in: Radovljica and surroundings
Presentations of Radovljica and its surroundings can be found at a number of trade fairs throughout Europe. This month you can visit us at fairs in Utrecht, Brussels, and Linz, whilst we are also present as part of the presentation of the Julian Alps at fairs in Vienna, Helsinki and Madrid. Further presentations will take place in February and March in London, Paris, Budapest, Prague, Munich, Berlin and Antwerp. More +
15 January 2015    |   Published in: Radovljica Tourism
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