Radol'ca - Honestly Sweet
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Sample ‘homely’ Slovenia: this hidden subalpine jewel. Feel the warmth of the land where we live in symbiosis with nature and tradition, a fact borne out by our bees. They reward our love and the care of our beekeepers by providing us with tantalising nectar, which gives us the strength to be creative and the impetus for world-class achievements. But even though we like to fly, we remain modest and honestly sweet. Visit us and get to know Radovljica and its surroundings.
Taste Radol'ca, Kunstelj
Taste the specialities of Radol'ca's restaurants where genuine homemade food, local ingredients and top-quality preparation are combined. Choose the accommodation which best suits your requirements and in the evenings savour the delights of various restaurants offering the flavours of Taste Radol'ca. More +
19 September 2014    |   Published in: Accommodation
Cycling map Radovljica
A new cyclists' map for visitors to the Radol'ca area is now available. The map, which covers Radovljica and its wider surroundings, shows a network of marked cycle routes which are also marked on the ground. Using the map, cyclists can begin their ride in a chosen destination and independently plan their own route. The map shows 10 suggested cycle routes in the wider surroundings of Radovljica. The map is available in Slovene and English languages and is available from the Radovljica Tourist Infromation Centre and on the website.


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8 September 2014
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