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Sample ‘homely’ Slovenia: this hidden subalpine jewel. Feel the warmth of the land where we live in symbiosis with nature and tradition, a fact borne out by our bees. They reward our love and the care of our beekeepers by providing us with tantalising nectar, which gives us the strength to be creative and the impetus for world-class achievements. But even though we like to fly, we remain modest and honestly sweet. Visit us and get to know Radovljica and its surroundings.
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Municipality Radovljica these days concludes urgent maintenance work on Kamen Castle. New stairs are done, so visitors can securely access to the platform on the left side of the castle.
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8 August 2014
Medieval Day
Medieval day in Linhart Square, Radovljica
This Sunday, 3rd August, from 10am to 7pm come and join in the fun at the annual Radovljica Medieval Day (Srečanje mest na Venerini poti).

There will be a market with over 50 stalls with demonstrations and sales of local handicrafts and produce.
Additionally, there will be:

 * Medieval music, dance and performances
* An archery tournament
* A giant catapult - prepared specially for the event and one of the largest in the land
1 August 2014
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